When You Should Call a Houston Pest Specialist About Spiders in Your Home

It’s common to see a spider or two in the house or office, but when should you start thinking about calling a pest control professional? Fearing spiders is normal. Many types of spiders are harmless and can help clear your home of other insects. However, some can be dangerous. Due to the potential threat that harmful spider species pose, it is best to call a professional when you notice an alarming number of spiders.

How Do Spiders Get In?

Spiders can enter your home or office in many different ways, but the most common entry points are near windows and doors. Spiders can fit through small spaces, so they can come into your home through any cracks/gaps near doors and windows. Spiders also often attach themselves to items that are brought into homes such as boxes or something that has been left outdoors for a significant period of time. It is a good practice to shake the items out before taking them indoors.

What Do They Want?

If you are noticing an alarming number of spiders, that may be a sign that you have another infestation in your home that you may not be fully aware of. Spiders are coming inside for one thing – food. They will not survive without an abundance of food, so they are feeding on something.  When their food source is larger, there is a higher chance that the spiders will grow into adults and begin laying eggs- thus starting or furthering your spider infestation. One female spider can lay hundreds of eggs in one egg sac and up to 17 sacs in their lifetime.. which is not something any homeowner wants to think about. That is a lot of spiders! If the infestation isn’t addressed, it will become harder to eliminate with each new generation of spider babies.

What To Look For

Spiders are small and sometimes hard to locate. You may never even see a spider and have an infestation! If you start to notice a large number of spiderwebs or cobwebs around your home, your home may have more spider inhabitants than you think. It is always best to keep an eye out for spiderwebs in doorways, on ceilings, in the attic and under furniture. If you don’t see a spider near the web, it could be hiding. Clean the webs and see if they are rebuilt. If so, you may want to call a professional.

How to Prevent Spider Infestations

Spider infestations can be prevented in some cases by using the following guidelines. It is important to remember that spiders can still find a way in and it can be difficult to prevent their return, but these tips can help you avoid a full blown infestation:

  • Vacuum often. It is important to remember to vacuum under furniture instead of just around it.
  • Reduce clutter and avoid keeping boxes around (even broken down moving boxes)
  • Routinely dust behind your curtains.
  • Frequently clean your windows, door frames, baseboards and any nooks and crannies.
  • Clean around chandeliers and keep an eye on your ceiling corners.
  • Don’t forget about your attic!

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