Commercial Pest Control in Houston

Termite, Ant, Spider, Cockroach & Rodent Removal for Businesses in the Houston Area

Homes aren’t the only structures with pest problems—businesses need help too. In fact, a pest in your home may be annoying and somewhat revolting, but pests in businesses can have dire consequences for the business as a whole. The presence of a roach in a restaurant could cause a failed health inspection, and that could shutter the business until the problem is resolved. The same can go for a mouse in a hotel room or a hornet’s nest in a warehouse.

That’s why Preventive Pest Control offers high-quality, fast, and effective commercial pest control services in Houston and the surrounding metro area. We understand the strain a pest problem can place on your business, and we work with you and your schedule to treat it quickly and keep the problem away for good.

As a business ourselves, Preventive Pest Control understands what you’re going through when you discover a pest problem. Our solutions are not one-dimensional; we offer services that both eliminate the problem you’re having today and plans that offer frequent, repeated treatment that prevents the issue from returning.

Call Preventive Pest Control at (713) 955-7405 today and we’ll help you get started on solving the problem!

Pest Protection For As Low As $38/Month!
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    • Year-Round Pest Protection

    • Covers 12+ Pests

    • Wasp Nest and Spider Web Removal On Each Visit Where Accessible

    • Free Call Backs For Covered Pests


    • Quarterly Pest Control Visits Give Year-Round Pest Protection

    • Quarterly Pest Protection Includes Control For Indoor Spiders, American Roaches, Indoor Ants, and More!

    • Wasp Nest and Spider Web Removal Helps To Greatly Reduce These Pests!

    • Any Issues With Covered Pests Between Visits, We Will Come Back and Treat Again

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    • Basic Package PLUS Fire Ant Control


    • Our PLUS PACKAGE Is Most Popular For Families That Like To Spend Time In Their Yard. This Package Includes All The Benefits of the Basic Package PLUS FIRE ANT CONTROL!

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    • Basic Package

    • Bundle Other Pest Services With Your Basic Pest Package Such As:

      • Fire Ant Control

      • Mosquito Control

      • Rodent Control

      • Termite Control

      • Exterior Flea

      • Tick Control


    • Whatever your pest issues are, Preventive Pest Control has the solution for you. Customize a Premium Pest Package to ensure your home is protected with a free inspection and quote from one of our Licensed Pest Inspectors.

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Why Hire a Commercial-Grade Pest Control Team?

Homes and businesses both have pest problems, but they need to be handled very differently. Your business needs quick and comprehensive solutions, as even one sighting of a pest or signs of a pest problem could have drastic consequences on your day to day operation.

Our team understands this and we offer not only superior-quality commercial pest control in Houston with outstanding results, but the flexibility to work with your schedule to get the job done.

We proudly offer services to a wide range of businesses, including:

  • Restaurants and bars
  • Warehouses
  • Hotels and resorts
  • Distribution centers
  • Office buildings
  • Medical facilities
  • Food and beverage processing
  • Retail businesses

Pest issues are not one of those things that might happen to your business at some point—there will come a day where you will have to deal with one of these problems. When that happens, it’s critical that you have a reliable and experienced partner who can come to you to solve the problem.

Preventive Pest Control has earned a reputation as over nearly two decades of delivering superior quality and great service to all types of customers. When the time comes and you need a solution, we encourage you to reach out to us and let us show you why we are the preferred pest control name of businesses across the area.

Contact us online or call (713) 955-7405 to request high-quality commercial pest control in Houston or the metro area today!

Commercial Pest Control FAQs

What are the consequences of a pest problem in a commercial business?

Pest problems in commercial businesses can lead to health code violations, loss of reputation, and financial losses. It is crucial to address pest issues promptly and effectively.

How can pest problems impact different types of commercial businesses?

Pest problems can disrupt operations, contaminate products, and create unsanitary conditions in restaurants, warehouses, hotels, medical facilities, and other commercial establishments. Prompt pest control is essential to maintain a safe and healthy environment.

What sets apart commercial pest control from residential pest control?

Commercial pest control requires specialized expertise and tailored solutions to address the unique challenges of businesses. It often involves larger spaces, complex regulations, and the need for minimal disruption to daily operations.

How can businesses prevent pest problems in the first place?

Implementing proactive pest prevention measures such as regular inspections, proper waste management, and sealing entry points can help businesses avoid pest infestations. Additionally, partnering with a professional pest control service for ongoing maintenance can be beneficial.

What should businesses look for in a commercial pest control provider?

Businesses should seek a pest control provider with experience in servicing commercial properties, a comprehensive understanding of industry regulations, and a track record of delivering effective and discreet pest control solutions.

  • Have used this company for more than 10 years. Always very responsive and accommodating to scheduling service based on availability. Company offers follow up spot treatment if issues occur between services at no charge.


Our Pest Control Services Include:

We’ve handled infestations of all different shapes and sizes, and we know how to target your issue at the source. We offer the latest in pest control technology, including state-of-the-art, non-invasive procedures that stay out of the way of your business, don’t require you to close down, and work actively behind the scenes to protect you and your patrons.

Customized Pest Control Solutions for Your Business

At Preventive Pest Control, we understand that every commercial property has unique pest control needs. That's why we offer customized pest control solutions tailored to your specific business and industry. Whether you're dealing with termite infestations, ant invasions, spider webs, cockroach sightings, or rodent issues, our experienced team can create a targeted pest management plan to address your concerns.

Our commercial-grade pest control services include:

  • Thorough inspections to identify pest entry points and nesting areas
  • Strategic pest treatment and elimination using safe and effective methods
  • Preventive measures to minimize future pest infestations
  • Regular monitoring and maintenance to ensure long-term pest control success

Don't let pests disrupt your business operations or reputation. Trust Preventive Pest Control to provide reliable and comprehensive pest management solutions for your commercial property in Houston.

Call (713) 955-7405 or contact us online to schedule a commercial pest control service in Houston or the surrounding areas today!

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