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Oriental cockroaches are more commonly referred to as “water bugs” because they are more frequently found nesting in areas that are damp and cool. They are frequently spotted in plumbing areas inside the home such as under sinks. Outside the home, they are found in areas that stay damp and muddy like mulch piles. Oriental roaches are also notorious for traveling through sewer pipes and other areas where disease and bacteria can easily be picked up on their bodies, making them a serious health hazard for homes and businesses alike. If you have an oriental roach problem in your home, we encourage you to reach out to Houston’s leading oriental cockroach control team by calling Preventive Pest Control right away.

Here at Preventive Pest Control, our Houston oriental cockroach control experts utilize the latest tools and techniques to effectively remediate an oriental cockroach infestation and keep the problem at bay for good. Our pest control methods are effective, fast, and work quickly to eliminate your problem at the source while also perpetually keeping it at bay. We understand oriental cockroaches and their typical behaviors and habits, and we use this advanced knowledge to stay ahead of them and keep them out of your home. Plus we offer customer service that isn’t matched anywhere else and an overall experience that exceeds even your loftiest expectations.

Got an oriental cockroach problem? Let Preventive Pest Control be the ones to solve it for you. Give us a call at (713) 955-7405 and let us inspect your property and come up with a remediation plan.

About the Oriental Cockroach

Oriental cockroaches can be easily distinguished by their dark color—a very dark brown, almost black appearance—along with a bright, shimmering sheen that makes them stand out in the light. These roaches are somewhat on the smaller side in terms of different roach species, and unlike many of the other species we handle, neither the male nor female oriental cockroach is able to fly.

Oriental Cockroaches are more commonly found in lower level areas of your home when they venture inside. Because they are unable to fly, reaching higher-level areas of your home is more difficult, and the added heat and dry air usually means there isn’t much to draw them to these upper-level areas. Our Houston oriental cockroach experts regularly find them or signs of them around drains, under the kitchen or bathroom sink areas, and in garages where it is usually dark and cool. As mentioned already, they enjoy being around areas that are unsanitary, so it’s safe to assume any roaches you may find are carrying a potentially harmful disease.

While generally found outdoors, oriental cockroaches can make their way inside using the following common entrances:

  • Under doors with poor weather stripping
  • Exterior weep holes
  • Plumbing entrances
  • Sewer lines
  • Attic vents
  • Soffit vents

Let Us Keep the Roaches at Bay

If left untreated, oriental cockroaches can reproduce at an amazing rate under optimal conditions. A single female can lay hundreds of eggs in her lifetime, meaning this particular breed can spread into a full-blown infestation in an extremely short amount of time. Our service technicians at Preventive Pest Control can quickly take control of your oriental cockroach problem, but long-term success is maintained by a regular service plan.

Our six-foot roach barrier that we apply with our power sprayer on the exterior of your home will bring the quickest results for oriental cockroach control. Our technicians will also inspect your property inside as well as outside to determine what additional treatment methods to use. In addition to our power spray barrier, our technicians may use residual dust in void areas such as weep holes, under cabinets, or other entry points to your home that oriental cockroaches may use.

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