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Flies may not seem all that harmful to your home or business, but their small size is still enough for them to potentially deposit thousands of bacteria wherever they land. Nobody wants that in their home where they live, nor do you want that around your business, particularly if you run a restaurant, hotel, or some other type of business that relies on hygiene. On top of that, flies are incredibly annoying, making an obnoxious buzzing noise and landing where you don’t want them to. Whether you’re tired of obnoxious flies buzzing around your home, landing on your furniture, and getting in your face, or your business is being seriously hindered by an unwanted infestation of these buzzing bugs, the leading name in Houston fly control services is Preventive Pest Control!

Here at Preventive Pest Control, we deliver nothing short of superior-quality fly control solutions that are designed to eliminate your issue for good. We help you eliminate the causes of your fly problems through careful and precise treatments of problem areas while also coaching you on how to eliminate factors that attract and sustain fly colonies. We’ll work with you to pinpoint the source of your problem and help you set things right. Whether you need a fast and powerful treatment for a comprehensive solution or you’re looking to protect your home or business long-term, trust Preventive Pest Control and you’ll be happy with the job done—we guarantee it!

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Indoor Fly Problems

While flies getting inside the house isn’t all that uncommon of a problem, a huge number of indoor flies could be a sign that you have a small colony that has grown or developed. Flies can create nests in a number of different places, and they’re a particular problem during winter when they attempt to make your home their own in order to stay out of the colder outdoor temperatures. Flies usually find their way into your home things like food products (in the case of fruit flies), through drains, or even by infesting a dead animal (like one that might be found in your attic). Whatever the source of your fly problem might be, Preventive Pest Control will find what’s causing it and help you eliminate it for good. We offer customized solutions and can even help you keep the flies away by advising you on some steps to take to prevent them from coming back.

Preventive Pest Control offers services for all types of flies, including:

  • Blow flies
  • Bottle flies
  • Drain flies
  • Fruit flies
  • House flies
  • Gnats

Outdoor Fly Problems

Outdoor flies making using your deck or patio a real nuisance? Are you tired of trying to barbecue while battling a buzzing army of bugs? At Preventive Pest Control, we can help you control your outdoor fly problems as well! In addition to helping you locate sources that are attracting flies, we can also help you protect your home with sprays and other tools that keep flies at bay. Take back your yard and keep your outdoor property more sanitary all year round with high-quality pest control services from Preventive Pest Control!

Eliminating Unsanitary Sources that Attract Flies

What makes flies such a common problem? The answer is a simple one that many people aren’t all that happy to hear: flies are attracted to filth. While we will generally do everything we can to keep our homes and properties clean and free from this filth, drains, sewer lines, garbage cans, and even dirty surfaces can all attract flies to them. And when flies are able to smell these things, they’ll find just about any way to get to them. Whether it’s a small hole in a screen door, a tiny opening in a drain line, or even a window that’s left cracked open, flies will somehow find a way.

The best way to keep the flies away is a simple one: get rid of what attracts them. Throw the trash out in the outdoor bin when the bag becomes full and seal bags tight when you do. Make sure trash cans have a tight-fitting lid that doesn’t allow odors to escape. And clean any potential messes right away, be it a sugary drink spill or a possible plumbing problem. This will give flies no reason to come into your home—they won’t have anything to draw them there.

Sick of flies making life miserable? Contact Preventive Pest Control for a solution today!

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