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Thanks to its proximity to the gulf, Pearland is no stranger to pests. In fact, our pest control technicians respond to infestation calls in that area year round. Throughout the spring and summer, in particular, Pearland sees a rapid increase in pests and pest control problems. Though the most common pests that our Pearland pest control techs come across are mosquitoes, termites, and cockroaches in spring, winter is dominated by rodent control as they become increasingly desperate for food.

Pearland Mosquito Control

Mosquitos make their homes in standing water throughout the area, and then move into your homes or businesses when it’s cooler at night in search of warmth and food. While there are 176 different species of mosquitoes throughout the US, most mosquitoes are active when it starts getting dark outside. The sun and the heat during the day cause them to easily get dehydrated and ultimately die. If they can make their way into your home, they will be protected from the elements and have plenty of food to keep them alive and thriving, which also allows them to stay active for longer.

If you decide that you do not want to be swatting at mosquitoes all night and day in your own home or in your place of business, call Preventive Pest Control! We are fully prepared to eliminate any infestation and prevent future invasions from taking place.

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How To Avoid The Need For Mosquito Control

  • Get rid of standing water - As mosquitos love the nest in buckets of standing rain water, make sure to empty everything you can all the time so they have nowhere to breed on your property.
  • Trim shrubs and grass - To avoid needing our Pearland mosquito control experts, keep your yard trimmed and free of shade as mosquitos need shade to hide from the sun to thrive.
  • Clean your gutters - One place we often forget about when thinking about where mosquitos could lay their eggs is the gutter. When you have leaves in your gutter then it blocks the necessary draining.
  • Use blowing fans - If you're hosting a gathering, make sure to orient fans at ankle height to keep mosquitos away from your friends and families. Since mosquitos are quite light, a little air movement goes a long way in keeping them out of your home and yard.
  • Treat aesthetic standing water - If you have a water garden for aesthetic appeal, make sure to have some guppies in there to eat the mosquito eggs.

Cockroach Control for Your Home or Business

Cockroaches also like to take a break from the heat, and they will start to move into Pearland homes in search of darker and moister areas. Contrary to popular belief though, cockroaches will come into your house regardless of how clean or dirty your home may be. You could have the cleanest home in the neighborhood and still have cockroaches.

The Go-To Termite Exterminator in Pearland, TX

With Pearland’s subtropical climate, high humidity, abundant rainfall, and copious amounts of wood to be found in every house, it’s no wonder that termites thrive in this area. Termites not only love the high levels of moisture and humidity found in the area, but they also love what the humidity does to the wood.

Unfortunately, most homes in the Pearland area provide the perfect environment for termites. For that reason, it is extremely important to get regular pest control services and be on the lookout for any termite infestation that may be occurring. A termite infestation that is caught too late can cause thousands of dollars’ worth of damage to your home.

Preventive Pest Control is fully equipped to take on any type of Pearland pest control job, whether it be to inspect, prevent, or remove pests altogether. In addition to the top 3 most common pests we encounter in Pearland that we listed above, spiders also pop up in Pearland as a result of the increase in their food source, whether it be mosquitos, ants, or flies.

The creepy crawlies will likely make a home in the drier areas of your home or business, so be on the lookout for cobwebs in corners. Not to mention ants, fleas and ticks, and bed bugs that are also quite common in the Greater Houston area, which is why routine pest control services are so important.

Call (713) 955-7405 or contact us online to request quick, safe, and effective Pearland pest control today!

Pest Packages
Pest Protection For As Low As $38/Month!

What Makes Preventive Pest Control Different From Other Pest Control Companies in Pearland?

  • We offer a free inspection - You don’t have to pay for us to tell you what kind of pests you’re dealing with. We’ll simply go in, do the inspection, and find the right solution to get rid of your pest problem immediately.
  • Our preventive maintenance program - We'll adapt to meet whichever type of insect you are dealing with, providing you with pest elimination, shield protection, damage prevention so that you can rest assured knowing that you're taken care of
  • A 100 percent service satisfaction guarantee - We want to make sure that you can rest easy knowing that your potential pest problem is in the right hands.
  • Rave Reviews - Having served Pearland pest control services for so long, we've collected a bunch of rave reviews. You can read through them here and find out why our customers love us so much by giving us a call today
  • An industry leading blog - Our blog's goal is to keep you and all of Pearland in touch with the latest news and hottest trends in pest control services. You can browse through our blog's countless articles here to learn more about the industry. You can also find our video center here.
  • Money saving opportunities - We want our Pearland pest control services to be as affordable as possible. In order to do that we offer coupons and specials that you can browse through at your leisure here.

Request prompt & dependable pest control in Pearland, TX, by call (713) 955-7405 or contacting us online today!

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5 Signs You Need Rodent Control

  • Droppings - Not only are mice and rats notorious eaters, but they often defecate near their food source or on the route to it. Rodents are also known for having particularly weak bladders so they will urinate as well which has a rather fowl and distinguishable smell to it.
  • Sounds - Rodents are particularly active at night time, so if you hear a little critter scurrying over the course of the night, it could just be that they're looking for food. But if you see a rat or mouse in the day time, then they're likely nesting nearby and you should call in our Pearland rodent control specialists.
  • Signs of a nest - Rodents will often find loose pieces of fabric or cushioning and bring them over to a small box like location where they can rest comfortably throughout the day.
  • Footprints - Their footprints can tell us a lot about the size and type of animal. If the foot looks to be only a quarter inch wide then it's likely a mouse but a rat can have a foot that is an entire inch long.
  • Chewed through holes - Especially in the winter time when the food sources of these animals becomes scarce, they will gnaw and chew at screens, plastics and fabrics to get at whatever they can. If you notice any new holes, get in touch with our Pearland rodent control specialists and we'll get to the root of your problem.

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    "We have been faithful customer's for many years in 2 different homes in The Woodlands.  The guys were always professional and left service cards at the door.  When we moved to the last home in 2014, we had a major cutter ant issue!!  They appeared out of nowhere and were destroying everything in sight!  I called the office in a panic and the gal got someone out the very next day.  He not only took care of all the beds, he followed the ant trail all the way to the back of the preserve and knocked those suckers out! We now live in Denver, Colorado. I was so pleased to find a locally owned Preventative Pest control - they are awesome too. When we move back to TW, I'll just pick right back up with you guys!"

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