The Damage Rodents Can Do to Your Home

Most people will agree that rodents are ugly and disgusting. Aside from aesthetics and cleanliness issues, rodents also present problems in that they can inflict considerable damage to your home. The longer rodents remain in your living space, the more likely they are to wreak havoc. If you suspect even one rodent has found its way into your home, contact us right away for professional assistance. Let’s take a quick look at the damage rodents can cause to your living space.

Structural Damage

It takes merely one mouse to gnaw through your home’s wiring, cords, and just about anything else. Mice have sharp teeth that empower them to tear through furniture, wood and more. Let our pest control experts eliminate your mice and other rodents today so you don’t have to worry about structural damage to your one and only home.

Electrical Damage

As noted above, mice and other rodents are more than willing to chew through just about anything in their way. If a mouse or rat gnaws away at your home’s wiring, cords and/or insulation, you will have some pretty costly repairs. Furthermore, gnawed electrical cords are safety hazards for you, your loved ones and pets. If rodents strip away the insulation along with essential wiring, the chances of an electrical fire sparking will be that much higher. In fact, rodents will even ravage electrical panels responsible for the home’s essential functions.

Rodents Will Contaminate Your Living Space

Rodent droppings are rife with bacteria and germs that spread throughout your living space. Rodent urine, waste, and saliva will inevitably end up on your counter tops, cabinet doors, floors, and beyond. Furthermore, the airborne germs of rodents pose a threat to the well being of everyone in the home. There is no sense attempting to sweep up rodent droppings, as doing so will merely stir them up and cause you to breathe in bacteria. The better approach is to prevent rodent infestations and have your home professionally cleaned/treated to ensure it is perfectly safe.

Rodents Will Damage Your Home’s Most Important Systems

Rodents will move through air conditioning systems including the home’s ductwork. Mice, rats, and other animals can live within the air returns, gnaw right through the ducts, and even establish nests in air conditioning systems. Such damage has the potential to destroy costly equipment and prevent these essential systems from operating as designed. The last thing you need is a rat or a mouse causing permanent damage to your home’s heating and cooling systems. Furthermore, you and your loved ones will likely be exposed to nasty contaminated air compromised with particles from rodent urine, solid waste, dander, and other unsavory particles. Lean on the pest control experts to take the proper preventive steps so your loved ones are not exposed to dirty, house-damaging rodents.

Rodents Leave an Odor

Rodents will change the smell of your home for the worse. If there is a colony of rodents, the odor might become unbearable. If this problem is not addressed, there is a chance the odor will reach the point that your home becomes uninhabitable. Aside from the disgusting smell, rodent infestations can also trigger asthma, cause respiratory issues, and spike allergies. It is also possible for one or several rodents to become trapped in your home’s walls, attic or other cramped spaces, die, and cause quite the unpleasant odor.

Don’t Let Rodents Wreak Havoc on Your Home

You have the power to prevent the nightmare scenarios detailed above. If you have rodents or are suspicious even a single rodent might be on your property, contact us right away. We will analyze your home, eliminate your rodents, and ensure that they do not come back. Reach out to us today to schedule an appointment!

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