What Kind of Roach is That?

What Kind of Roach is That?

It inevitably happens: You see something skitter, your insides squirm, and you scream, “Roach!” Someone—a spouse, a neighbor, a police officer—comes running in with a shoe, and then pauses: “That’s not a roach, that’s a water bug!” And you are left behind, doubting your sanity, unsure if that was a roach or not. Well, I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is, you were right! It was a roach! The bad news is, you were right. It was a roach…There are several species of roaches common in the Houston area. And while a roach is a roach, and you just want it gone, knowing the particular species can help in controlling, eliminating, and preventing the pest from entering your home or business.

American Cockroach

Appearance: Reddish-brown, can be up to 3 inches long.
Habitat: Warm & Damp. Outdoor they prefer areas like piles of mulch or debris. Indoors, their prime real-estate is in kitchens and bathrooms.
Bonus: Both the males and the females can fly!
Treatment: Start with Preventative Pest Control’s 6-foot Roach Barrier, eliminate entry points, and then use specialized baits and insecticides to clean up indoors as needed. Our long-term service plans will keep them gone!

Oriental Cockroach

Appearance: Very dark-brown and glossy.
Habitat: Cool & Damp. Indoors, they love areas that replicate their outdoor homes: damp or muddy areas under sinks and around other plumbing.
Bonus: “A Roach by any other name…” Because Oriental Roaches prefer damp environments, they have earned themselves the nickname “Water Bugs”. Fortunately, they don’t fly.
Treatment: As Oriental Cockroaches can travel through sewer lines, it is vital to control them quickly. Fortunately, our 6-foot Roach Barrier can eliminate entry points. Our regular service plans also provide long term-control for “Water Bugs”.

Smokey Brown Cockroach

Appearance: Dark-brown, almost black.
Habitat: Cool & Damp. These roaches prefer living outdoors, but—as opportunists—they can venture indoors for food in the form of garbage.
Bonus: Smokey Brown Roaches are strong flyers.
Treatment: Generally, Preventative Pest Control’s 6-foot Roach Barrier is all you need to stop Smokey Brown Cockroaches. Our maintenance plans will then keep these pests out of your home!

Brown Banded Cockroach

Appearance: They are named for the two lighter-brown bands that go around the abdomen & main body.
Habitat: Warm & Dry. The Brown Banded Cockroach prefer areas like closets, refrigerator housings, and light-switch plates. They will be found near or on the ceiling more often than other species.
Bonus: The males will fly when disturbed. The females can lay as many as 200 eggs in a 3-month lifespan.
Treatment: To control Brown Banded Cockroaches, it is vital to eliminate entry points. Our regular service plans will also give you the peace of mind you need.

German Cockroach

Appearance: Brown with black stripes along the body. German Cockroaches are smaller them most species.
Habitat: Anywhere humans live.
Bonus: German Cockroaches are prolific breeders. The females will carry the eggs until they are ready to hatch, which increases their survivability.
Treatment: German Cockroaches require special treatment to counter their rapid reproduction. This will require several visits form our technicians, over and above what other roaches require.

Be sure to check out our cockroaches page to identify which roach you are seeing, and you can always call Preventive Pest Control for more information or to schedule a visit!

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