The Worst-Case Scenario If Your Termite Infestation Is Not Treated

A home plagued by termites will eventually endure structural damage. If the damage is extensive enough, the house might prove dangerous to live in. You read that right. You really can lose your entire home due to termite damage. This is by far the absolute worst case scenario for an untreated termite infestation.

Why Termite Damage is Such a Problem: The Insurance Issue

Termites cost homeowners billions of dollars per year in property damage. The vast majority of this damage is paid for out-of-pocket by homeowners as the typical homeowners insurance policy is not applicable to termites. It is quite common for termite infestations to remain undetected until clear signs of damage are evident. Can you imagine being on the hook for thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars in home repairs simply because you did not know about the unseen threat of termites? This nightmare could easily become your reality. Home insurance providers typically provide agreements with highly nuanced language pertaining to damage caused by pests, and termites qualify as pests

It is also possible for the termite damage to result from something else that is covered. For example, if moisture within the home results from a burst pipe and termites begin to inflict their wrath on your property, it might be possible to argue for coverage to apply. However, homeowners insurance companies are in business to make money. They will fight your claim if there is even a slight chance that denying coverage is legal.

Termite Damage Makes Selling Your Home Especially Challenging

Sellers are typically responsible for covering the costs of termite damage. However, liability for this cost differs by state so be sure to take a close look at your state’s unique rules. In fact, home sellers in your state might even be responsible for the cost of a termite inspection before the sale can be finalized. The bottom line is you will be on the hook for the costs of termite extermination and repair when selling your home unless you sell the property in an “as is” condition. However, selling a home “as is” is becoming increasingly uncommon.

Termite Damage Can Even Lead to Significant Legal Expenses

The last thing you should have to worry about is legal liability stemming from selling a home with termites or termite damage. However, if you sell a home with termite damage, you might end up paying legal fees for the services of an attorney. The services of a legal practitioner might also be necessary if you think the insurance company is responsible for the damage in question. The better course of action is to avoid properties with signs of termite damage and have the damage in your home tended to before putting the property on the market. Otherwise, you might end up paying exorbitant legal fees simply because these little buggers invaded your living space.

Termites Can Cause Extensive Damage

As noted above, the worst-case scenario resulting from termites in your home is structural damage that makes the house uninhabitable. Termites really will chew right on through your home’s wood to the point that this “skeleton” of sorts becomes hollow.

If you have any suspicion termites might be in your home, reach out to the termite control experts for a professional analysis We will go out and inspect your home for termite s and termite damage, completely free of charge Protect your home against termite damage and you will end up saving a considerable amount of money through fewer repairs and a home that stands the test of time. Don’t wait, call us today!

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