2 Reasons Mosquitoes Are a Menace

mosquito bites

Swatting at mosquitoes can be quite the challenge as those little bugs can zoom past you with ease. You will be hard-pressed to find many homeowners that enjoy having mosquitoes around their homes. We know how essential mosquitoes can be for the overall ecosystem, but sometimes you just have a terrible day around mosquitoes and begin to question how much we really need these monsters with wings? Here are two big reasons that might make you want to think about getting rid of mosquitoes altogether.

Annoying Moochers

Mosquitoes never know when to leave, and the most annoying aspect about them is, in fact, their ability to overstay their welcome in your home. Mosquitoes love to pester you when you are trying to relax, especially when you are sleeping. Ever been woken up by the sound of a mosquito buzzing in your ear?

On top of the buzzing, we have mosquitoes landing on your food that can be a significant annoyance when serving guests. Don’t forget the mosquito bites that can itch up a storm—nothing more annoying than having a mosquito bite on the sole of your foot. Mosquitoes feel like they were designed to stop you from relaxing in your home.

Disease Vectors

While mosquitoes can be annoying, the real reason these bugs are a menace is their efficiency in transmitting disease. Mosquitoes are well equipped to transfer blood-borne diseases across species, resulting in a slew of dangerous conditions for humans. What is scary about transmitting viruses across species is getting mutations that can lead to nasty new strains.

There are numerous diseases transmitted by mosquitoes that plague populations, with the more notable one being malaria. The scary part about mosquitoes is that they can transmit viruses, like the Zika virus, that are harmful to adults and many children. Mosquitoes are a hassle when managing because you need to eliminate a large amount in quick succession.

At Preventive Pest Control we know how unpleasant mosquitoes can be, so do not hesitate to give us a call at (713) 955-7405. Protect your comfort and your family by getting rid of those nasty mosquitoes today!

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