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With both the northern and southern tips of the city sitting on bodies of water, Pasadena, TX is most at risk for pest infestation throughout the spring and summer months. Residents especially need to watch out for mosquitoes and termites, both of which spread prolifically throughout the warmer months.

If you need pest control in Pasadena to help you deal with an insect or critter infestation, choose Preventive Pest Control for proven solutions. Conveniently located in East Houston, our team is nearby and can respond to your call promptly.

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Types of Pest Control Services We Offer

Preventive Pest Control provides a full range of residential & commercial pest control in Pasadena and the surrounding area, including:

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Comprehensive Termite Inspection, Treatment & Control in Pasadena

Formosan termites are causing major problems in the areas around the Houston Ship Channel, and Pasadena is no exception. The pests make their way into your home or business and are harder to eliminate than normal termites as their homes are very difficult to remove from the walls.

Preventive Pest Control has started using infrared technology to more quickly and efficiently locate the consolidations of Formosan termites in different buildings, quickly eliminating them before they can cause severe damage. If you suspect that you may have an infestation, do not delay in contacting our termite control team. The longer you wait, the more damage you could potentially be left with.

Effective Mosquito Control Solutions

Mosquitoes are a major pain in Pasadena as they breed and nest in the standing water throughout the area. These annoying, disease-carrying insects are outside during the day and look to come into your homes on the cooler nights as they seek heat. Preventive Pest Control can help you take action against these pests using a combination of preventive and defensive mosquito control techniques.

How To Prevent Mosquito Control

  • Trim all shrubs - Mosquitos don't like direct sunlight so they'll often dwell in the shade, so if you get rid of as much shade as possible, you'll be limiting where mosquitos would like to thrive.
  • Get rid of standing water - These bugs lay their eggs in standing water, so if you want to avoid needing to call in our Pasadena mosquito control team, empty those buckets and tires of rain water so they can't lay their eggs.
  • Clean your gutters - One place we can forget to clean out is the gutter. When there are leaves blocking proper drainage from happening in your gutters you get standing water and that's the recipe for more mosquitos.
  • Use fans - If you're ever hosting guests outside then make sure to utilize fans to blow mosquitos away. As small bugs, a little bit of wind goes a long way towards preventing the need for mosquito control so give it a try.
  • Treat standing water you don't want to get rid of - Pools use chlorine, but if you have any aesthetic water gardens try filling them with guppies that eat mosquito eggs or treating the water chemically.

Eliminate & Prevent Rodent Infestations in Pasadena

Some people find rodents cute, but the damage that they can unleash upon your property makes them anything but. Mice, rats, and other rodents are not only carriers of disease, their propensity to gnaw on things also means they can wreak havoc on your home's wooden support structures, insulation, wiring, and plumbing. Because they reproduce so quickly, the intrusion of a few mice or rats can turn into a huge infestation in no time.

Signs You Need Rodent Control

  • If you have heard scratching sounds in your attic or walls - Rodents are particularly active in the winter time at night as their search for food becomes increasingly difficult.
  • Droppings - Because rodents are notorious eaters, they also leave the droppings often times near their food source. Rats with their weak bladders also urinate quite often which produces a noticeable stench.
  • Rodent sightings around your property - Night time sightings can be attributed to scavenging rodents. But if you see any rats or mice during the day then they're likely nesting on your property and you should contact our team for rodent control in Pasadena.
  • Signs of a nest - Look out for any new holes that have been chewed through screens or burrows underneath your home. Rats and mice like to nest in enclosed areas and will use fabrics or insulation for additional comfort.
  • Footprints - The different sizes of the tracks can be an indication of what kind of pest you're dealing with. If the footprint is about an inch in diameter then it's likely a rat but if it's more like a quarter inch then call in our Pasadena mouse control specialists.

Industry-Leading Roach Control

One of the most-needed services in the Houston area is roach control. Because cockroaches are attracted to any area where moisture is present, even the cleanest homes and business are not immune from these pests. Our team eliminates all types of roaches, including brown banded, American, smokey brown, German, and Oriental cockroaches.

As these pests reproduce at an alarming rate and can quickly overtake a space, be sure to call Preventive Pest Control at the first sign of a problem. We service all types of properties, including homes, apartment buildings, restaurants, office buildings, and more.

Request effective & lasting pest control in Pasadena, TX, or nearby communities by submitting your info online or calling (713) 955-7405 today!

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