Preventive Pest Control a “People Business”

If you grew up in Houston or even if you are just visiting, one thing true Houstonians pride themselves in is in their “Southern Hospitality”. Preventive Pest Control is a company that centers their focus around providing customers with the highest quality of reliable pest control services. Having a business model that is people focused is the main reason Preventive Pest Control has become one of the number one pest control service providers in Houston, Texas in recent years. This year the company expanded offices so that they can provide a center hub for more customers to count on.

By continuing to grow their outreach with their new West Houston and East Houston offices, Preventive Pest Control plans to help more Houston residents keep their homes insect, bug, and rodent free all year long. Preventive Pest Control has been in the business of providing pest extermination treatments and pest control services for Houston residents for over a decade, and they have maintained their reputation by being a people business. What does that mean, exactly?

What It Means to Be a ‘People Business’
Being a “people business” is a model that provides a lot of customer-focused services that cater to the clients and is flexible in their pricing, packages, hours, and so forth. Preventive Pest Control certainly delivers what they promise as they have prices that work with your budget, a broad range of pest control treatments that are sure to resolve any pest problem, and services hours that can be flexible for emergency situations.

The team at Preventive Pest Control want their customers to recognize their services as being a business that cares about the people they provide services for and the quality of services they provide. From the moment customers or potential customers make contact with Preventive Pest Control to the very end of an inspection and pest control treatment, the company expects their customers to be satisfied, and if they’re not they will keep providing services at no cost to the customer until they are happy with the experience.

All in all, Preventive Pest Control’s reputation of providing quality pest control services in Houston is second to none. Their success is owed greatly to all the hard work and on-job training of their technicians. Preventive Pest Control technicians have a vast amount of knowledge, professionalism, and techniques that enable pest control services to go beyond expectations of customers. Helping customers find solutions and relief from real problems that affect their daily lives is a challenge that Preventive Pest Control of Houston is confident they can make a reality for many.

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