Signs of Termites & Tips for Preventing Termites From Invading Your Home

When Preventive Pest Control technicians treat homes with termite pest control services, they are asked what some of the most common questions are asked by customers about termites, they answer with the following statements; what are the signs of termites, and what can I do to prevent termites from infesting my home? Although termites are extremely proficient at finding a way to gain access to homes, there are ways to keep termites away. The last thing you want to do is make a termite’s mission of infesting a home an easy job.

What Can You Do To Prevent Termites From Invading Your Home?

So, what steps do you need to take to prevent termites from entering your house and eating away at your home’s structural wood? Preventive Pest Control can detect termite problems before they begin, however, if you want to attempt to prevent termites yourself first, they have given some educational guidance for you to follow should you wish to take on this feat on your own.

Recognizing the Signs of Termites

Recognizing the signs of termites can be very obvious when they are seen above ground or outside of walls. Unfortunately, most termites burrow their colonies into crevices located underground or in moist, damp, dark areas, so seeing termites before they become a problem is very unlikely.

Common Signs of Termites Include:

  • Small holes in wood
  • Crumbling drywalls
  • Sagging doors and floors
  • Insect wings
  • Small shelter tubes

If you don’t see any of the above signs of termites, that doesn’t necessarily mean termites or the conditions that could invite them into your home are not present.

Hire Preventive Pest Control Services to Inspect, Diagnose, and Treat Your Home For Termites
Regular inspections by a licensed pest management professional are the best way to help ensure your home truly is, and remains, free from termites and the damage they cause. Qualified pest control professionals are specialized in termite biology and behavior to identify, prevent and treat termite infestations.

By following the below Preventive Pest Control tips, you are sure to effectively prevent termites from accessing and building their new colonies inside your home.

  • Steer clear from stacking, storing or burying wood debris near your home.
  • Trim all bushes, shrubs, and dense landscaping away from your home’s foundation.
  • Relocate mulch away from the foundation.
  • Remove trees and stumps infested with termites.
  • Repair any leaks in water lines and faucets (indoor and outdoor).
  • Ventilate crawl spaces and attics to reduce humidity.
  • Remove all wood to soil contact.
  • Use plastic sheeting to cover 90% of the soil in crawl spaces.
  • Build stucco, wood siding, and foam board to be at least six inches away from the ground.
  • Seal cracks and holes in your home’s foundation to prevent access entry points for termites.
  • Keep wooden trellises separated from exterior walls.
  • Store wood debris, mulch, lumber scraps, firewood, and sawdust away from the perimeter of your home’s exterior walls.
  • Fix leaky roofs and gutters.
  • Prevent leaves from collecting in gutters and drains.
  • Grade soil so that water drains away from the foundation.

Preventive Pest Control will perform a thorough inspection of your home to determine if, where, and how termites are getting in. They can also explain how to correct any conditions in your home that invite termites. Contacting Preventive Pest Control can go a long way when you want to prevent termites from choosing your home for their next colony.

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