How to Prepare Your Home for Fall and Winter Pests

Everyone knows that summer pests are an annoyance. Mosquitos try to bite you every corner you turn, cicadas never stop making noise, and fruit flies swarm around everywhere. Luckily now that fall is starting up, we do not need to worry about these summer pests. However, fall and winter bring about their own pests and some of them can be more annoying than the summer ones.


When the weather gets colder, mice and other forms of rodents will try to find someplace nice and warm to reside in during the cold months. Unfortunately, your home is one of the best places for them to reside in. They will usually make their home in the padding between walls or any other warm nooks and crannies. The best way to prevent mice from being an eyesore during Thanksgiving dinner is to be sure to seal holes or gaps in windows and walls. Near the outside of your home, clean up any plants or food sources that can attract rodents. Cleaning up and decluttering around the home will also prevent mice since there will be less material for them to chew and eat.


During the winter, beetles will prepare for hibernation. They will usually use your home for hibernating since it’s a warm place. A lot of species of beetles are immune to pesticides and chemical treatments. However, not all hope is lost. To prevent beetles from nesting in your home, make sure to vacuum your carpet when you first see a beetle. Also make sure to seal and gaps or holes in windows, doors, and walls since these are popular points of entry for the little critters.


Cockroaches like to be in warm spaces that are near abundant food sources. This is why your home in the winter is the best spot for cockroaches to stay in. The best ways to prevent cockroaches is to regularly dispose of food and trash, regular vacuuming, repairing any leaks, and cleaning up and decluttering around the house.


Before cold weather comes around, female spiders will often lay their eggs before they die. The best way to prevent spiders in the wintertime is to stay up to date with seasonal pest control treatments, seal any gaps in your home, and keep your home clean.


During the winter months, many people travel across the country to meet with loved ones and will often stay in hotel rooms. This is prime travel season for bedbugs. Bedbugs will latch onto your clothing and luggage and travel home with you. In order to prevent bedbugs from coming back home with you, make sure to check your hotel rooms from top to bottom for any spots or signs of bugs. Also make sure to cover your luggage in plastic wrapping so that bugs will stay out. When you come back from your trip, inspect your suitcase thoroughly outside of your home before bringing it inside.

The fall and winter months should be a time of celebrating with your family. Pests can greatly disrupt the mood and vibe. Hopefully these tips will ensure that you have a pest free fall and winter! Make sure to call Preventive Pest so we can treat your home before the winter critters start their invasion.

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