Do I Need Pest Control In the Winter?

Texas Christmas ornament

Winter is a time for holiday cheer and spending time with those you love most—which probably doesn’t include the pests that may have moved into your home. But for those homeowners who haven’t experienced pest problems in the past, you may be wondering, “Do I really need pest control in the winter?”

Do all bugs die in winter?

Contrary to popular belief, not all pests die as soon as temperatures drop below freezing. In fact, certain pests have adapted and evolved to stay alive and active year-round.

Like your in-laws and other snowbirds, some bugs may migrate to warmer areas in order to escape the cold weather. Others enter a kind of hibernation called ‘diapause,’ which puts their essential functions such as metabolism and general development on hold—essentially freezing the insects in place until warmer temperatures thaw them out. Still, others will simply move from the outside to inside locations in search of warmth, food, and water.

Overwintering Pests in Houston

The pests you see during winter greatly depends on the place you call home. Texas winters are mild, and while we can get cold spells that cause freezes, we don’t get the frigid winters other areas may experience. Some bugs and pests you may see this winter include:

  • Spiders. Spiders like to hide in dark areas for their own safety, so be sure to check any decoration boxes and storage crates you may be pulling out of your garage or shed this holiday season!
  • Mosquitoes. You heard that right—if we have an especially warm winter, mosquitoes can stick around throughout the year.
  • Rodents. Mice and rats are known to seek shelter in the walls and attic of your home to survive cooler weather.

If you hear the skittering of tiny feet this holiday season, give our team a call! We can help you reclaim your home from any pest that decides to try to join in on the festivities without permission. Contact us at (713) 955-7405 or reach out to our experts online.

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