Pest Control in Office Spaces

Having a clean and safe work environment is vital to having a productive workspace. If rumors of pest infestations spread, office productivity will plummet. No one will be able to pay attention to their work when they are worrying about the pests in the break room or under their furniture. If a pest problem is left unresolved, it could even tarnish your business reputation, damage the building infrastructure, and/or lead to potential health violations.

When most people think about pest control, office spaces aren’t the first thing to come to mind. Pest infestations in office spaces, however, are very common and pest control services should not be overlooked. Even the nicest of offices can attract pests, so no office space is truly pest-resistant. There are many ways to eliminate and prevent potential infestations, but the first step is to know why pests are attracted to office spaces in the first place.

Why Are Bug Infestations In Office Spaces Common?
Offices are an ideal place for pests to reside for many reasons. The first being the sheer amount of traffic going to and from an office every day. Many pests, including ants, flies, cockroaches, spiders, and bed bugs can “hitchhike” their way into office spaces and become a problem. In an office space, it is difficult to pinpoint where they are coming from or how they got in.

The second reason that pests are attracted to office spaces is that food and drinks are consumed all throughout most office spaces. The break room is typically the go-to spot for pests, but nowadays workers will eat their lunch at their desks and commonly drink coffee or tea while working. The spills associated with eating and drinking throughout the office can spread potential pest infestations beyond the break room, thus providing the opportunity for it to become a larger issue.

Lastly, pests love to live in cool, dark environments. After 5-6pm, most offices shut down for the evening and leave the air conditioning on. With the lights off and air on, pests will thrive.

What Can Be Done?
There are many ways that you can keep your office safe from having a pest infestation. Something you must keep in mind is that some pests will make their way in, no matter what. You won’t always be able to  keep them out entirely, but you can work at keeping the problem at bay.

Keep Your Office Clean and Tidy.
Pests love clutter and mess. If your office space does not have a regular cleaning schedule, things might get out of hand. Most importantly, make sure your break room is cleaned often and all trash is removed at the end of each workday.

Have a Regular Pest Control Schedule
It is always good practice to have a routine pest control schedule to better arm your business against a potential pest infestations. You should keep in mind that over-the-counter products are not effective 100% of the time, and calling a professional pest control service can give you better peace of mind.

At Preventive Pest Control, our services and solutions are guaranteed to provide full-scale extermination with complimentary guidelines from our specialists for preventing infestations from recurring. Contact us today if you wish to discuss a pest control plan for your office space!