Keeping Cockroaches Out

Nobody likes turning on the kitchen light in the middle of the night and seeing a cockroach dart under the fridge. Most people agree, cockroaches are gross and don’t want them near their homes. These disgusting critters have survived on Earth for millions of years, but there are several things that you can do to prevent roaches from entering from your personal space. So what can you do to keep cockroaches out?

Eliminate Their Food Sources

Cockroaches love three things: food, water, and warm, dark shelter. They are constantly searching for dirty, crumb-filled environments. The first step to keeping cockroaches out is to eliminate any possible food sources. They prefer cluttered areas, so your pantry would be a great place to start. Empty your shelves and cabinets and thoroughly clean them out. Do not leave any crumbs or spills behind. They can and will find them. You should also move your kitchen appliances and clean underneath them.

Eating throughout the house can also invite roaches into your home. Try to limit food consumption to the kitchen and dining areas. Eating on the couch or in rooms other than the kitchen and dining room can lead to crumbs and food spills that go unnoticed. This can spread your cockroach infestation throughout the entire home instead of just in your kitchen. Wouldn’t you prefer to only worry about one room in the house opposed to the entire house? This will reduce the area that cockroaches are attracted to and cut down on your cleaning stress.

Eliminate Their Water Sources

It is impossible to completely eliminate possible water sources but limiting available water sources can weaken a cockroach population and cause your infestation to die off. One way that you can do this by fixing any leaking/sweating pipes or dripping faucets. If you have any wet towels or sponges, put them in an airtight bag overnight. Leaving them on the counter can attract roaches. You should also empty your pets water bowls every night and refill them every morning. Leaving out a bowl of water is an open invitation for cockroaches.

Eliminate Potential Hiding Places

Cockroaches love hiding in tight, dark areas. If you eliminate their potential hiding spots, they will move on. Seal off all cracks, crevices or holes. Make sure your windows and doors seal tightly in their frames. This will keep them from coming inside or traveling between inside and outside. They can even hid in your appliances and electronics, so be sure to put tape over any holes in your electronics if you habitually see cockroaches near those areas.

Have A Routine Pest Control Schedule

Even the above precautions cannot completely eliminate the presence of cockroaches. It is best to have a routine pest control schedule to better arm your home against a roach infestation. You should keep in mind that over the counter sprays and pesticides are only so effective. If you are serious about keeping cockroaches out, you should call a professional.
At Preventive Pest Control, our services and solutions are guaranteed to provide a full-scale extermination with complimentary guidelines from our specialists for preventing infestations from happening again. Contact us today if you have seen cockroaches in your home!

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