Warm Weather Invites Mosquitoes Inside

Mosquitoes are not just irritating but also dangerous. They are responsible for spreading many diseases such as malaria, the zika virus, yellow fever and the West Nile virus among others. Protect yourself when you go outside during the mosquito season.

Wear socks, pants and long sleeves and take an approved mosquito repellant with you. In addition to protecting yourself, you can also take a look at the factors that invite these blood-sucking beings into your home. If you have structures inside your home that hold water, your house might be the sanctuary that mosquitos want to live in forever. These tiny insects will lay their eggs in your ponds or bird baths as soon as early spring, and soon you will see them all over your house.

They love warm places that have water puddles to multiply, but not all mosquitoes need that. The Asian tiger mosquitoes do not need ponds to breed in, which is why it is important to take a closer look at your yard and possible hiding spots.

As they also breed in trash cans and empty containers, make sure you keep them in check on a regular basis. During early spring, when the weather changes and the outside world is cold, your house is warm and mosquitoes take that as an invitation. In other words, it might still be cold outside the house, but you may have a mosquito problem inside.

Mosquitoes are incredibly small, and all they need is a rice-sized opening to get inside your home. These creatures can detect the carbon dioxide heat coming out of your house. So, they need to buzz along that energy until they find a small hole in the screen, a crack on the side or an open door. Remember, some species are attracted to light and follow it until they find an opening. That means everything about your house in the summer nights is attractive to them.

To get rid of these pesky pests, you can start by getting rid of water standing still anywhere on your property. You may even plant some mosquito repellent greens around your home like catnip and varieties of peppermint. Doing these things can control the breeding of mosquitoes on your properties to some extent, but it does not entirely control the problem.

You can make sure that these bugs don’t ever bring any disease into your house by calling in the professionals. When the experts come in for an inspection, they won’t just spray your house and leave. They will take a look at your property and find what kind of mosquitoes are wandering about in your house. After the identification process, they will bring in a suitable mosquito treatment just for your house.

Preventive Pest will also investigate where these irritating bugs are coming from and show you where their development sites are. These may include small ditches or swimming pools, along with tree holes or flooded crawl spaces. Moreover, our team will also educate you on ways to keep them out and suggest prevention techniques. The recommendations will help you get rid of hiding spots or better management of these spots.

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