Why Every Home Needs an Annual Termite Inspection

The average homeowner assumes his or her property is termite-free simply because termites are rarely or never seen. The sad truth is plenty of properties have termites and the property owners have no idea their most valuable possession (the house itself) is gradually wearing away. Even if you are absolutely certain your home does not have termites, you should still get it inspected every year. Here’s why.

The Importance of an Annual Termite Inspection

Your home needs a yearly termite inspection regardless of whether you live in an old house or a house built in the past couple years. Do not skip this inspection simply because it costs money. If termites are present at your home and you are unaware of their presence, you will end up paying through the nose at some point down the line for major repairs.

The worst-case scenario is a termite infestation that leads to the destruction of your home’s supporting structure. Our termite inspection team is here to help prevent this nightmare. Though newer homes tend to be less at risk for termite infestations than older homes, it still makes sense to pay for a professional inspection. Your new home might have been built directly on a termite nest or mound. You will have no idea unless a professional inspection is conducted.

The Merits of an Annual Termite Inspection

There are numerous reasons to conduct an annual termite inspection aside from the fact that it will tip you off to the presence of these little buggers. Abide by a consistent yearly schedule of termite inspections and it will be that much easier to sell your home for top dollar at the appropriate time. Just be sure to document each termite inspection and any treatments so you can provide tangible proof you have done your part to keep the property free of termites. A yearly termite inspection will also provide you with an invaluable peace of mind. You will rest easy knowing your home is no longer laden with termites.

Do Not Attempt a DIY Annual Termite Inspection

Too many homeowners make the mistake of assuming they are capable of identifying termites on their own. Some even go as far as treating their property’s soil with termiticides. Such treatment is typically ineffective, as it does not ensure the termites won’t simply avoid the barrier. Any type of DIY (do it yourself) termite inspection or treatment is a mistake. This is a job for the professionals. A comprehensive termite inspection performed by experienced exterminators who know exactly what to look for will pinpoint the location of termites and determine the extent of the damage. This in-depth inspection sets the stage for the eventual elimination of these dangerous pests.

An Inside Look at Professional Termite Inspections

A professional termite inspection analyzes your property in-depth for signs of termite infestation. Though you might be aware of the most common signs of termites, our team knows all about those less noticeable signs indicating termites are present. Provide us with the opportunity to inspect your property for termites once per year and we will be able to identify early signs of termites, create a plan for extermination and execute that plan to perfection.

Do Not Take a Risk With Your Home

If you wait several years between inspections, you run the risk of allowing termites to eat away at your home’s supporting foundation. This damage will prove egregiously expensive to repair. If the termite damage is excessive, it might be necessary to rebuild a portion of your home or the entirety of your home. The better option is to pay the relatively small fee necessary for yearly termite inspections, nip your termite problem in the bud without delay and move forward in full confidence knowing your property is termite-free.

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