DIY Tips to Prevent Pests From Accessing Your Pantry

If pests make their way into your pantry, you are in for a nightmare. The last thing you need is for ants, roaches, silverfish, waterbugs or other pests to infiltrate your cereal boxes and other tasty delights. You should be able to open the boxes containing your favorite foods without fear that pests have been gnawing away at the tasty treats you worked so hard to buy. Follow these DIY tips and it will be that much easier to prevent pests from finding their way into your pantry.

Clean With Regularity

Even if you are uber-careful in the kitchen, you are likely to spill some crumbs and/or forget to tie bags, fully close food boxes, etc. Take a close look at your kitchen and pantry every couple weeks. If you find crumbs or unopened packages, clean/close them right away. It will also help to throw out old food you do not plan to eat as leaving these open boxes in the pantry will only attract that many more pests. You should also wipe down the interior of your cabinets to eliminate crumbs and other food residue.

Store Food in the Proper Manner

You will greatly reduce the chances of pests in your pantry if you store your food in the proper manner. Put all food remnants in airtight containers, mason jars and other containers bugs cannot breach. If you re-use food storage bags, do not hesitate to double-up when storing food as it is awfully easy for bugs to find their way into poorly-sealed bags or bags with holes.

Inspect Your Groceries Before Putting Them in the Pantry

Some pests find their way into your pantry after being transported directly from the grocery store. Take a close look at your groceries’ packaging before paying for them. If there are holes, damage or any other flaws, point them out to the closest employee. Select a box that does not have such flaws and you won’t have to worry about carrying bugs into your home by way of your food.

Throw out Expired Items

Expired food items are that much more likely to attract and house bugs. Do not keep expired items assuming you will eventually use them. The little bit of money you waste by tossing out these old items will pale in comparison to the damage pests will cause to your unexpired food, your pantry, and the rest of your home.

Be on the Lookout for Drips and Spills

Some items such as honey and syrup are likely to drip down the bottle and into your cupboards. If you notice such dripping, do not assume it is too small to attract a pest. Even the slightest drip has the potential to attract bugs. You need to wash off these containers right away. Otherwise, ants and other bugs will pick up on the scent and infiltrate your pantry.

Use Bay Leaves

Pantry pests detest the odor of bay leaves. Add some whole bay leaves to your pantry and the bugs are likely to stay far away. Replace the bay leaves every couple months to ensure their odor remains fresh and pungent to ward off hungry pests.

Check Your Pantry From Time-to-Time

It will only take a couple minutes to perform a thorough inspection of your pantry. Take a close look at your pantry items every few months to ensure pests have not invaded your food supplies. Food you are likely to use soon such as spices and flour should be inspected especially closely. If you notice pests are in your pantry, take timely action in the form of professional pest control before you end up with a full-blown infestation.

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