What’s Bugging You? Insects in Houston That Require Pest Control Services

From crawling critters like ants, spiders, and rodents to flying insects like flies and mosquitoes, Houston is the home of a variety of insects and pests that require pest control services to keep them at a tolerable level.

Insects can really bring down your outside activities and quality of life when they are constantly biting, crawling, and buzzing around you when you try to enjoy the outdoors. Pests can also make your home or business feel like it’s being invaded, which is never a fun thing to go through for anyone. That’s why pest control services are so important to have, and experts like Preventive Pest Control know exactly what to do when Houstonians face pest problems.

Preventive Pest Control is a Houston-based company that provides insect treatments that help prevent and eliminate pest invasions and infestations. Knowing some interesting facts about the insects in Houston and the common pest control services used to get rid of them could help you prevent pests from entering your home and yard.

Common Pest Control Services in Houston Include:

Mosquito Pest Control
Houston is the main hub for mosquitoes due to the city being full of bayous and to it being a subtropical environment. The constant humidity and water make Houston the perfect breeding place for mosquitoes to flourish in. These pests reproduce quickly without the proper mosquito pest control services and they are the main culprit of spreading infectious diseases like malaria, dengue, West Nile virus, yellow fever, filariasis, and Zika fever, to name a few.

Ant Pest Control
Ants continue to be the number one pest control problem in Houston. These pests can have colonies of up to 400,000 and with numbers like that, ant pest control services are pertinent to making sure these pests don’t just get up and move to somewhere else. Preventive Pest Control can bait and eliminate ant problems before they become a major problem.

Termite Pest Control
Termites can cause significant structural damage to buildings, crops, and plantation forests due to their main source of food being damp and rotting wood. Termite colonies are also located in moist areas, making Houston a termite’s favorite place to reside. To prevent termites, routine termite pest control treatments is a necessary component and should be performed by a professional.

Cockroach Pest Control
Cockroaches are some of the hardest insects to get rid of in Houston. With the latest cockroach pest control treatments, including fumigants and baits, Preventive Pest Control technicians can get rid of roaches in homes and businesses before they become a permanent resident and spread diseases.

Rodent Pest Control
Houston is the home of rats and mice that can infest homes and businesses incognito, with little warning sign before they become a problem. Since do-it-yourself methods often fail at getting rid of these pests, it’s important to hire professional rodent pest control services that will completely and effectively exterminate the rodents giving you problems.

Bed Bug Pest Control
Do you wake up with red, itchy sores on your body and when you inspect your mattress and sheets nothing can be found? Preventive Pest Control knows a bed bug problem when they hear one, and itchy red spots at night is likely caused by bed bugs. Getting professional bed bug treatment is the best way to be sure the problem is treated and gone for good.

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