Tips to Prevent Rodent Infestations

Rodents of all sorts are eager to claim your home as their own. If you are proactive and take the steps necessary to thwart rodents before they can spread throughout your home, you will enjoy a truly peaceful living space. Here’s how to do it.

Eliminate Food Sources

Rodents are inclined to venture toward food. If there is food in or near your home, or even if the odor of food emanates from your home, rodents will try to find a way inside. You can do your part to reduce food exposure by tightly sealing trash containers. Store all food in plastic containers with lids. Do not stack dirty dishes by the side of the sink. Instead, fill a dish basin with hot sudsy water and leave the dishes there until you have time to clean them.

Eliminate Sources of Water

Rats and mice usually set up shop by a source of water. If water has pooled in your front or backyard, address this problem right away. Stop the water from accumulating and your property won’t be nearly as attractive to wayward rodents in search of hydration.

Mind the Odor of Your Property

If you have trashcans placed along the exterior of your home, make sure they are fully secured. Each trash bin should be secured with a lid that a rodent cannot breach. Mice are capable of leaping a foot upward in the air. Rats can jump two feet high. These animals will find a way to access your trash unless it is firmly sealed with a reliable lid.

Seal Your Home’s Gaps

Critters will find a way to fit through the smallest opening to access your home. Take a close look at the exterior of your home. Examine your doorways and windows. If you spot any openings, have them sealed as soon as possible.

Use Rodent Repellent

Apply mice and/or rat repellent to your living space so you can live in peace and harmony. This is an extra layer of protection that will keep specific rodents away. Just be sure to select the rodent repellent for the type of animal that you suspect is living in or near your home. Some find using bay and mint leaves sends the rodents scurrying. Those who have found success with this method crush the bay and mint leaves and sprinkle them along areas most likely to be traversed by rodents such as windowsills, cabinets, and pantries. However, DIY attempts to repel rodents will only take you so far. It is always best to lean on the professionals to clear out those pesky animals in a comprehensive and lasting manner.

Be Mindful When Feeding Birds and Other Animals

If you feed birds or have a dog, cat, or other animal on the property, be careful when feeding them. If you have an infestation, it is sensible to refrain from feeding outdoor birds, as the food remaining on the grass will attract rodents. Some find switching to husk-less food works best, as it minimizes residue that has the potential to attract rodents.

Stop Taking out the Garbage so Frequently

If you take out the garbage every single day or every other day, you should be aware this habit attracts rodents. Trash that sits for several days will generate an odor that appeals to rodents, insects and other animals. Do not keep trash bags or cans by the door, as the lingering odor will bring rodents and other creatures right up to your living space.

Have Rodents Moved Into Your Home? We Can Help

If you are suspicious rodents have laid claim to your home, reach out to us right away. We will perform a rodent inspection, figure out the extent of the infestation and take appropriate action. Our mission is to return your home to normal as quickly as possible.

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