Why Bed Bugs Are Such a Problem in the Fall

Bed bugs are a year-round problem, yet these ugly critters are especially problematic in the fall months. Though bed bugs are disgusting and you probably want to keep them out of mind, it is important to understand them, as a thorough understanding of bed bugs will help prevent an infestation and subsequent spread.

Bed Bug Basics

Bed bugs are a problem for those in houses, apartments, and hotels. These critters are an indoor pest, meaning most bed bugs are found inside as opposed to outside. The autumn weather is not the primary cause of bed bugs moving indoors; these bugs have a natural tendency to move indoors regardless of the time of the year. However, bed bugs are even more of a nuisance once the autumn months roll around.

Some point to the start of the school year coinciding with the beginning of fall as the reason for the influx of bed bugs at this time of the year. Bed bugs have the opportunity to hop on kids’ clothing, backpacks, and other gear as they go from home to school and vice versa. Furthermore, bed bugs crave cluttered spaces. If a room or other space is messy, it will be that much easier for bed bugs to blend in. Kids’ rooms tend to be egregiously cluttered compared to the typical adult’s room. This is precisely why it is so common for bed bugs to gravitate to kids’ rooms.

Bed bugs are also attracted to dirty clothes that need to be laundered. Kids who leave their clothes on the floor create the perfect opportunity for bed bugs to thrive. Little ones are especially likely to throw their clothes and backpacks on the floor when the school season rolls around in the fall. Bed bugs will hop on these clothes, backpacks, duffle bags, bedding, and anything else on the floor. The kids will bring the bed bugs right on back to school and spread them to other students.

Bed Bug Activity

Bed bugs are highly active in the winter. These little critters feed, breed and move about during the cold months. Bed bugs do not pass up the opportunity to invade a new space. These bugs live anywhere, regardless of whether it is a home, office, public building or elsewhere. The cold autumn air certainly plays a role in bed bugs seeking warmth indoors. However, bed bugs are that much more active in these months partially because people are highly active in the fall. People travel quite frequently for holiday get-togethers, shopping, school, and beyond. Each trip presents an opportunity for bed bugs to catch a ride on a new victim and find a new home. So be sure to wash all of your clothing in hot water after returning home from a vacation, family outing or other trip. Use the hottest setting on your dryer to ensure any bedbugs on your clothing or bedding are no longer alive. If you are in the market for furniture or bedding, do not buy anything second-hand. Used furniture and bedding is much more likely to have bed bugs.

Do You Have Bed Bugs? We Can Help

If you have bed bugs, do not panic. Reach out to our team right away. We will evaluate your bed bug problem, determine where their exact locations and get to work.

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