Common Types of Rodents in the Houston Area and Why They Are so Dangerous

Houston has its fair share of rodents. However, local homes plagued by rodents typically have certain types of mice and other specific types of rodents in higher numbers than others. Let’s take a look at why rodents are dangerous and which ones are most likely to be found in Houston homes.

The Dangers of Rodents

Do not underestimate the threat of rodents to your home’s integrity as well as your health and well-being. Rodents are even a threat to your pets. They have the potential to spread disease by way of their urine, feces, and even hair that can get into your food. A rodent that invades your home can spread bacteria along with harmful diseases. Diseases from rodents are extremely serious. In fact, a disease transmitted by a rodent can even prove deadly.

Add in the fact that rodents damage home structures, furniture, insulation, flooring, and even wiring, and it is easy to understand why people turn to the exterminators at the first sign of a pest. Time is of the essence. Wait too long and you might allow rodents to chew through your home’s wires and even set the stage for a life-altering fire.

Houston’s Mice and Rats

Norway Rats

A number of different mice and rats call the greater Houston area their home. The area has a surprising number of Norway rats. Also referred to as sewer rats, these rodents are large and heavy. Norway rats have fairly short tails and are usually lighter in hue than their cousins, the roof rats. Though Norway rats do not climb well, they live in the lower levels of local homes and businesses.

Deer Mice

Deer mice are brown-colored rodents with diminutive ears, white/brown stomachs and tails, pointed noses and a penchant for reproducing rather quickly. These mice reach full maturity at a mere two months. If you find one deer mouse in your home or business, it is a good sign there are several more on or near the property. Do not touch the deer mouse, its droppings, or its nest with your hands. These animals are small and somewhat cute, yet they can still carry diseases.

House Mice

Houston has plenty of house mice. These animals are primarily brown in color and a bit smaller than the typical deer mouse. Often referred to as field mice, house mice will venture into homes for food. A single house mouse can birth upwards of 13 babies before immediately mating again. This is precisely why you should contact the pest control experts as soon as you suspect a rodent is living in your home.

Houston’s Roof Rats

Roof rats and other rats are typically much larger than mice. Rats grow upwards of a foot and a half in length. This length is massive considered to the size of the average mouse. Roof rats have black bodies and especially long tails. Roof rats are excellent climbers. They often hide in the roof, attic, or upstairs of local homes. Unfortunately, rodents are nocturnal animals. Your home might have one or several roof rats or other rodents and you might not even know about it unless you hear them scurrying about at night. If you spot a rodent, there is a good chance the animal has reproduced by that point in time.

Reach out to the Experts for Rodent Removal

If you suspect your home has rodents or are if you are sure of it, contact us right away. We will inspect your home for signs of rodents, determine which rodents are present, and develop a 

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