Pests to Watch out for in the Fall

Just like people, pests are looking for shelter and warmth when the temperatures dip down low.  If you are not careful, you will end up with a slew of pests laying claim to your living space this fall and winter.  Here is a quick look at the different types of pests to look out for this fall.


Spiders enjoy the outdoors when the temperatures are warm as there are plenty of smaller bugs to eat.  Once the temperature decreases, spiders search for warm areas such as homes, businesses and other indoor facilities.  If spiders infiltrate your home this fall, they will lay eggs and rapidly spread throughout your living space.  In fact, some spiders even pose a threat to people.  Do not assume spiders will head back outside after temperatures increase.  Spiders will make your home a permanent one unless you have our pest control experts thwart the infestation.

Mice, Rats and Other Rodents

Rodents ranging from squirrels to mice, rats, chipmunks and beyond will move into your home during the fall.  Once these pests breach your living space, they will nest throughout the walls, ceiling, basement and beyond.  Though rodents are larger than insects, they are quite flexible.  They can fit through your home’s diminutive holes and cracks, attack wiring and insulation and even spread disease to your family.  Furthermore, a couple rodents can breed quite rapidly, transforming a once peaceful living space into a loud and messy area.


Stinkbugs are small in size yet they are a major problem as they will eat your food.  In particular, stinkbugs favor vegetables and fruits.  Furthermore, stink bugs release a nasty odor when squashed.  In fact, stinkbugs prove odorous even when frightened.


The average person assumes wasps are a problematic pest in the summer months.  However, wasps are also a major problem when the temperatures drop in the fall.  These winged bugs will infiltrate your living space’s walls, basement, attic and other areas.  Some go as far as constructing mud tunnels in which their offspring are housed.  Certain wasps will strip the wood right out of your home to create nests.


Cockroaches are absolutely disgusting.  Aside from their unsightly aesthetics, these bugs will also spread disease throughout your living space.  Cockroaches have the potential to spread upwards of 30 different types of bacteria.  These bugs can even cause asthma attacks in youngsters.


Ants are infamous for summer home invasions.  However, once the warm temperatures give way to the cool autumn nights, ants will venture on in, searching for food.  Ants are a problem as they contaminate food sources.  Carpenter ants have the potential to ruin your home’s structure.

Contact Our Pest Control Experts Today

Do not let bugs and rodents set up shop in your home or business this fall.  Reach out to our pest control team as soon as you suspect bugs, rodents or any other animal has breached your building.

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