Why Are Mosquitoes So Bad in the Summer?

Mosquitoes are a major problem for most people across the globe in the summer months.  Though most people are aware of this fact, the average person does not understand why mosquitoes are such a problem when the temperatures are high and the days are long.  Here is an in-depth look at why mosquitoes are such an issue in the summer months.

Mosquitoes Love Hot and Wet Environments

Similar to most other insects, mosquitoes are cold-blooded.  Mosquito body temperature resembles that of the surrounding environment, be it water or air.  If the temperature of the surrounding space is low, mosquitoes will be cold.  Alternatively, if the surrounding water or air is warm, mosquitoes will also be warm.

If mosquitoes spend time away from their preferred warm space, their development will slow or they might become injured and perish. Temperatures must be at or above a specific threshold in order for mosquito larvae to survive and flourish.  This threshold differs by the mosquito species.  For the most part, the threshold is between 44 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit.  This is precisely why mosquitoes gravitate to areas where the temperatures are warm.  In particular, mosquitoes seek out warm and moist places as they require standing water to survive.  Therefore, the summer months in especially humid environments, like Houston, bring about an influx of mosquitoes.  Alternatively, comparably dry or cold spaces make it difficult for mosquitoes to thrive.

Mosquitoes on the Move

Those who believe in climate change insist the trend toward mild winters will continue across posterity.  Milder winters encourage mosquitoes to move northward.  It appears as though the globe is getting hotter with each passing year.  This is bad news for the humans and other animals that mosquitoes target as these little buggers gravitate toward warm areas.  It is particularly interesting to note mosquito eggs can sit dormant for an extended period of time, waiting until the conditions are perfect for hatching.

How to Prevent a Mosquito Infiltration

Though it is difficult to eliminate all the mosquitoes from your property during the summer and fall months, you can do a few things to fend off these pests.  For one, you should eliminate all sources of standing water throughout the entirety of your property.  Drain or cover all containers holding water in your front and backyard.  If you have a tarp or anything else draped over a boat or trailer, do not let it sit idle and collect water.  If you have a rainwater tank, ensure it is properly screened.  Furthermore, your roof gutters should be clean of all gunk so water can flow freely instead of allowing water to accumulate.

Contact Our Pest Control Experts Today

Every homeowner should know female mosquito can lay upwards of 100 or more eggs.  Your best option to put an end to the vicious cycle of mosquito reproduction is to contact our pest control team.  We will treat your property before, during and after the summer months to prevent the onslaught of mosquitoes.  Give us a call to schedule an analysis and treatment of your property.

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