Take Immediate Action If Wasps Are in Your Home

If wasps have moved into your home, it is time to take action. Let the wasps remain and they will become an absolute nightmare. Wasps can cause significant damage to the interior and exterior of your living space. Furthermore, wasps have painful stings that will prove more than just a mere annoyance, especially if your child or furry friend is stung.

Why Wasps Are Such a Problem for Your Home

Wasps are capable of destroying the wood that serves as your home’s structural support. If wasps are allowed to continue wreaking havoc, they have the potential to cause significant structural damage that makes your home unsafe to live in. Everything from your wood siding to your porch and deck is at risk when wasps start tunneling in their quest for a safe space to store their food and lay their eggs. Wasps will continue to tunnel through the same parts of your house over and over, compromising the wood and weakening your home’s structure little-by-little. So don’t believe the myth that wasps are more interested in felled or dying trees than anything else. The bottom line is if the wood used for your home is not properly seasoned, the wasps will eventually wear it down.

Wasps are Highly Territorial

Wasps are remarkably territorial. In fact, these little buggers are quite aggressive. If the wasps on your property decide it is time to nest, every single wasp within the colony will pitch in. These annoying pests will form nests just about anywhere they can find. From the deck to the eaves, rafters, door frames, trees, railings, windows and beyond, wasps form nests all over the home with their saliva, paper, and wood.

Wasps Will eat Your Food

Certain types of wasps, such as the yellow jacket wasps, become quite the nuisance when a source of food is detected nearby. If you have any type of food with sugar or protein, yellow jacket wasps will be interested in it. Wasps will venture toward your food source, whether it is in a garbage can, a compost pile or your kitchen cupboards.

Wasp Stings Make Live That Much More Difficult

Wasps are also a problem for homeowners as they are liable to attack everyone within the house. These territorial buggers rely on their lengthy stinger to attack. In fact, wasps can use their stinger multiple times to attack. This means your home could become an absolute nightmare if it is inundated with wasps. If anyone in your house is allergic to wasp stings and is stung, they night endure a harsh reaction that mandates prompt medical treatment. There is no sense risking a wasp attack, especially if you are allergic to wasp stings or have not been stung by a wasp in the past and are unsure if you are allergic to the sting. The better course of action is to reach out to our team of professionals for immediate wasp treatment.

Eliminating Wasps is not a DIY Endeavor

Though it is awfully tempting to attempt to remove wasps nests on your own, such an attempt is a mistake. If you agitate the wasps, they will attack you. Furthermore, most wasp nests are out of reach. There is no sense trying to climb a ladder when a swarm of wasps could lead to a nasty fall. This is a problem for the professional pest control gurus to handle. Reach out to us today to find out more about how we can tackle your wasp problem and return your living space to normal.

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