6 Reasons why Spiders Claim Your Home as Their Own

If your house is like most others, you have your fair share of cobwebs in the corners of rooms. In some cases, spiders infiltrate living spaces before the current homeowner moved in. However, there are a number of reasons why these little critters are eager to claim your digs as their own even after you have lived at the property for years. Without further adieu, let’s take a look at why spiders are so insistent on moving into your home.

Spiders are Looking for Food, Water and Light

Spiders are often found in bathrooms and kitchens as these parts of the home tend to have an abundance of water and food. However, spiders are also fairly common in closets, garages and basements. Spiders venture to areas lacking food and water partially because these areas are not cleaned with regularity.

Spiders are also drawn to light so there is a good chance you will find spiders by your home’s doors and windows. However, spiders are especially interested in food and water as both are necessary to sustain life. These little critters are more than willing to eat the other insects living in your home. From fruit flies to clothes moths, mosquitoes, drain flies and crickets, spiders will eat just about every bug. Lean on our pest control gurus to keep the bugs out of your home and spiders will not be nearly as interested in claiming your living space as their own.

Spiders Love Hiding Spaces

Just like every other living thing, spiders are looking for shelter. Furthermore, spiders are well aware of the fact that bugs tend to hide in boxes and other concealed spaces. If you have boxes, bags and/or papers stacked in your home, there is a good chance spiders will venture in. Try to store such items away from walls and off the floor to reduce the chances of a spider invasion. Never store boxes or bags under your bed as the last thing you want is a wayward spider climbing onto your sheets and crawling on you as you try to sleep.

Be Cognizant of Lights

As noted above, spiders are drawn to the light. If your home has lamps or other forms of illumination such as computer screens positioned by windows or doorways, move them. Otherwise, spiders will be inclined to venture indoors toward these visible lights and settle into your home. It will also help to keep the porch light off unless it is absolutely necessary to have it on. Instead of leaving your porch light on all night, install a motion-sensitive light that illuminates when people pass by. This way, you won’t have a constant source of illumination on your property that attracts spiders.

Clean Your Home to Keep the Spiders Away

These eight-legged pests are that much more likely to invade your living space if you leave it a mess. Dust at least once every couple weeks. Vacuum the entirety of your home including crevices and holes. If you spot any cobwebs along the ceiling, corners of rooms or other parts of your home, remove them right away. If you add second-hand furniture to your home, give it a good cleaning before transporting it through the doorway just to make sure any spiders that hitched a ride do not invade your home.

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