What You Need to Know About Rodents in Houston

Even though it’s not uncommon to encounter a rodent at one point in the average Houston home, finding just one rat in your own home can be extremely off-putting. If you have had one of these such unpleasant encounters, here are a few things you should know about rodents in Houston:

Mice & Rats Are Becoming Increasingly More Common in Houston, TX

Every year, numerous news outlets and pest control companies release a list of America’s most rat-infested cities. Houston has not yet broken into the top 10 on any list, but our city has steadily been moving up in rankings as mice and rats are being found with greater frequency and in greater quantities. In previous years, we could be found roughly halfway down most lists, around the 20th to 23rd positions. But last year we moved up 6 positions which thereby landed us the title of the 17th most rat-infested city in the United States for 2019.

There Are Multiple Different Species of Rats, Each with Different Behaviors & Preferences

While there are over 65 species of rats in the world, the rodents you should really be on the lookout for are deer mice, house mice, roof rats, and Norwegian rats, as these are the most common types of rodents you will find in the Houston area. The importance of familiarizing yourself with these different species lies in the fact that they each have different habits and preferences. By knowing the key behavioral traits of these rodents, you can better discourage their presence in your home.

That being said, while taking preemptive measures will surely help in reducing your home’s appeal to these rodents, at the end of the day, your home will still provide the warmth, shelter, and food that they are seeking out, particularly in the winter months. Even the cleanest and clutter-free homes can have a rodent problem.

Rats & Mice Are Able to Reproduce at an Alarming Rate

Two rats are capable of producing a population of 1,250 rats in only one year. In just 3 years, that population can swell to close to half a billion descendants. It only takes four to five weeks after a rat is born for them to reach sexual maturity. A female rat typically births six litters per year, with each litter consisting of anywhere from 5 to 12 babies. In her lifespan, a single female can produce over 300 offspring. So, while one or two rats may not seem like a huge deal initially, in the blink of an eye you could have an astounding rat infestation on your hands.

If you suspect that you may have a rodent infestation in your home, do not hesitate to call the experts at Preventive Pest Control. We would be more than happy to conduct a rodent inspection of your home completely free of cost and come up with a targeted plan on how to rid yourself of these pests and keep them out. There is no better option than Preventive Pest Control to address your rat or mice issue! Simply give us a call or fill out one of our online forms to set up your free rodent inspection!

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