6 Things That Attract Mosquitoes

Have you ever wondered why some properties are laden with mosquitoes and others are not? Even some people seem to attract an abundance of mosquitoes while these annoying pests prove completely uninterested in others. As detailed below, there are a couple of important reasons why some properties and people attract mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes are Attracted to Water, Nectar and Blood

Mosquitoes feast on blood as well as nectar. Furthermore, mosquitoes are drawn to water as it provides hydration as well as a hospitable area to lay eggs. This means properties with an abundance of water and flowers are likely to attract mosquitoes. Even plants will attract mosquitoes. Plants that permit water to collect in troughs are especially likely to lure in mosquitoes as the little buggers favor such places for breeding. The bottom line is anything on your property that can hold water will attract mosquitoes. From birdbaths to clogged gutters and beyond, water in any type of container will draw in mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes are Looking for Sheltered and Cool Spaces

The depletion of our planet’s ozone layer is affecting mosquitoes just as much as humans. The bottom line is the planet is becoming excessively hot. Mosquitoes are looking for a shielded space that is safe, cool and out of the direct sunlight. In particular, mosquitoes are likely to congregate in areas of your property shielded from the sun during the blazing hot midday hours. If your yard has tall weeds, grass or bushes, you will likely have that many more mosquitoes at your property.

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Mosquitoes are Drawn to Specific Scents

Perfumes, air fresheners, deodorants and other odors are known to attract mosquitoes. In particular, mosquitoes are drawn to floral scents. This means properties laden with lovely-smelling flowers are that much more likely to draw in a steady stream of mosquitoes. This is not to say you should remove all the flowers from your property. Rather, be selective when shopping for flowers. Select flowers, shrubs and other greenery that does not have a strong scent and you will reduce the number of mosquitoes terrorizing you and your family. Alternatively, you can plant strongly-scented flowers and other plants far away from your pool, treehouse, garden and other important yard features so mosquitoes congregate along the perimeter of your land.

Mosquitoes Love Dark Colors

Multiple studies show these annoying pests are drawn to dark hues. From dark-colored garments to dark paint and beyond, mosquitoes favor everything that has a deep and dark hue. These annoying bugs have good vision that empowers them to view targets from afar. If your home, lawn ornaments or clothing is dark, consider changing the color to mitigate your mosquito problem.

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