Consistent Pest Control – A Luxury or a Necessity?

Who hasn’t come across the occasional roach in their home and chased it down with a can of Raid or a rolled-up newspaper? While those are certainly great options for killing that one bug, do you really have the time or energy to chase down every roach that you come across? Do you really want to worry that you are going to come across yet another pest every time you walk into a room? Sooner or later, most people find themselves picking up the phone to call a pest control company to come out to their house, only to have someone on the other end of the line trying to sell them on recurring pest control services on either a quarterly or a 2-month basis. At that point, you will likely find yourself wondering if recurring services are really necessary. After all, why not just call the pest control company when you start seeing pests popping up inside your home? Is consistent pest control really a necessity, or is it more of a luxury?

Pest Control Services Aren’t Just Focused on Eliminating Pests. We Focus on Preventing Them As Well

People tend to erroneously believe that the extent of their pest control problem lies in what they can see. Unfortunately, what you see only accounts for 10% of your pest problems. After all, hiding from humans is essential to the survival of any pest. One of the many things that you typically do not see is the eggs that these pests have already laid. A pest control technician can go out to your house and kill off the larvae and the adults, but very few chemicals are able to penetrate and kill the egg. So, while you may be bug-free for a few weeks after the pest control technician leaves, as soon as those eggs start hatching, you’ll find yourself having to pick up the phone again to schedule another service. With regular services, however, we are able to disrupt the pests’ breeding cycles thereby helping to prevent them as well.

Another way in which we help to prevent pests is by creating a protective barrier around your home, which prevents these intrusive creatures from making themselves at home in your home. Part of our regular service is a 6-foot power spray bug barrier that helps ensure that no bug will even make it to your front door, much less get inside. The only way to maintain this barrier is by maintaining regular service.

In summary, without regularly scheduled pest control services, you will constantly find yourself with a pest problem. While to some that may not seem like a large enough issue to warrant regular services, there are serious health implications associated with pests. If you want to eliminate pests in your home and prevent them from coming back, schedule an initial cleanout service today, and sign up for our Preventive Protection Plan with FREE in-between spot treatments! Simply give us a call or fill out one of our online forms today to get started!

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