DIY Pest Control Myths

Bug zapper.

There’s a lot of misinformation out there about what works for pest control and what doesn’t. As with any DIY approach, it’s important to get the facts straight to ensure you aren’t wasting money.

Do bug bombs work?

Fact or myth: MYTH

Why they don’t work: Bug bombs or foggers have often been a homeowners hail mary for pest control. Bug bombs are designed to sit in the middle of a room and release a fog that disperses into the air before falling onto surfaces in the affected area. This would be a great solution if bugs hid out on surfaces, but the fact is that bugs and insects typically hide in hard to reach areas such as the underside of cabinets and in deep crevices within your home.

Bug bombs are also not a great choice because the pesticide settles on surfaces that humans and pets use more than pests may—such as countertops, tables, and the floor.

Do bug zappers work?

Fact or myth: MYTH

Why they don’t work: Bug zappers emit UV light that is attractive to bugs—unfortunately, those bugs typically don’t include biting pests such as mosquitoes. Bug zappers kill insects that many birds rely on for food, which can disrupt the local wildlife. They can also vaporize bug parts, which then get misted into the air. This is gross and a great way for any disease or bacteria a bug may be carrying to end up in the air supply (thankfully, there is a fairly low chance of this).

Solutions Are Just a Phone Call Away!

The best way to prevent pests is to keep your home clean and seal any cracks or openings that could allow entrance to your home. If you have an infestation already, hiring professional pest control is the best way to make sure you rid yourself of uninvited guests and can prevent them from returning. Call our team at (713) 955-7405 to say goodbye to pests and take back your home!

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